Sound Design Consultant

Mark Laccay: Sound Engineer and Sound Designer for films, Music Producer

Mark Laccay is an innovative and precise individual with a passion for the Arts as well as an advocate of producing technically advanced output. He is a multi-awarded audio engineer who is presently the CEO of Click Multimedia Resource Inc.  and Co Founder/ President of and a former managing partner of Sweetspot Studios.

He has worked as a Sound Designer for various award winning local films and is currently the Head Audio Consultant for MRTV-4 (the only TV Network in Myanmar), Mark has also worked as the Main Audio Consultant and has Digitized Tape Collections such as the "Dr. Jose Maceda Research" and "The EDSA People Power One Radyo Veritas Tapes" which are found with the UNESCO Memories of the World registry. He studied and trained at the Austrian Academy of Sciences -Phonogrammarchiv in Vienna, where he acquired his Certification on AudioTape Restoration and Digital Audio Archiving.

He is also an educator -- teaching audio subjects at the following Institutes and Colleges:

- Music Production and Multimedia Arts courses at De LaSalle University -CSB-School of Design and Arts

- Audio Production class at The One School in Makati City, Philippines

- Lecturer and Fellow at Institute for Audio And Acoustics

- Audio Curriculum Consultant at the Myanmar Media Development Center