Photo Taken March 4, 2014

Photo Taken from an Ikot Jeep (March 7, 2014)

Title: "Frog Chorus"
Audio: frogs_chorus_ed_march_12.mp3
Composer: Christine Muyco
Composition using the 4 specie-frog recording. 
Location of recording: beside Alumni Center; evening, in an aftermath of a storm.

New entries
(data from  Interactive  submissions)

Calling all interested parties, you may submit audio captures, video captures of photographs of sound-makers taken from U.P. Diliman Campus. 
These are specific themes:

Campus learning – capturing the UP Diliman campus as a school. Focusing on areas, spaces, events, activities on campus directed towards teacher, learning, research and creation
Campus residence – capturing the unique character of the UP Diliman campus as sub-urban residential district
Campus nature – capturing another unique character of the UP Diliman campus being a nature hub
Campus transit – capturing pedestrian, vehicular and other mobility activities on campus
Campus community spirit –capturing the character of community areas in UP Diliman campus; such as Church, Shopping Center, Sunken Garden,  Alumni Center, Food stalls, among others
Campus in transition – capturing construction, renovation and structural and landscape rehabilitation on campus
Audio and video submission should be not more than 15 minutes long per file and of any digital format. 
Following information should accompany your recording:
Name of collector:
Email address:
Date recorded:
Activity recorded:
Recorder used:
Submit recording to via wetransfer, dropbox or google drive share and not as an attachment (for subject heading please use: tour inquiry)