College of Arts and Letters

Art Studies classes of Prof. Trixie Lopez, Prof. Louise Marcelino and Prof. Clod Winter Sun Yambao

Alquiros, Ryan Jay/ Ascaño, Randolp/ Areopagita, Kamille Anne/ Badong, Tristine/ Barcelona, Patricia Mae/ Calansingin, Mariel/ Cancio, Khristine/ Castro, Christel/ Delariarte, Christian Angelo/ Dizon, Elijah Adnyc/ Dizon, Raphael Duane/ Domingo, Marianne Jennise T./ Ebora, Christian Paul/ Escala, Chaldea May/ Fabricante, Myka Angeli / Faune, Mark Anthony/ Gibe, Patricia Marie/ Giron, Janine/ Juico, Muguel/ Mallari, Clarice Nicolai/ Mayacyac, Mark Anthony/ Melo, Katrina/ Nebres, Clark/ Ocaña, Roezel Mari/ Pinuela, Mia Jezelle/ Rivera, Mary Anne Rivera/ San Diego, Annamarie/ Señagan, Rachelda/ Señagan, Rachelda/ Villaluz,  Sarah/ Yao, Camille/ Yap, Jeanelia/ Yu, Ira

CAL Students from Minich:

Azarcon, Lei/ Jennievie Cacayuran/ Cacayuran, Jennievie/ Kabigting, Alexandrea/ Maglalang, Karyn/ Oliva,  Jeanne Louise/  Paden, Jane Sharmaine

College of Science, Biology classes of Dr. Carmela Española
Class: Bio 117 Vertebrate Zoology

Janina Guarte / Chyrene Moncada / Patricia Dy / Ashley Diaz / Joannes Castro / Angelo Aquino II / Clarence Diaz / Queena Filart / Gian Aurelio / Kristia Alcantara / Lorenz Aliwalas / Louise Kaye Arandia / Patricia Wilwayco / Kim Suyeon



The UP Composers of New Music (CONEMUS) is an organization of student-composers at the University of the Philippines College of Music. Conceived in 1997 and formally organized in 1998, this pool of composers is committed to the development and dissemination of 21st century contemporary Art Music of the Philippines. This group is set to advance “New Music” within and beyond the confines of the Academe through audio CD productions, workshops, symposia, outreach concerts, and lectures of a primarily academic nature.'

College of Engineering, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
College of Fine Arts

U.P. Center for Ethnomusicology
U.P. Diliman Office of the Chancellor
U.P. Diliman Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts
U.P. College of Music
U.P. Diliman Interactive Learning Center

U.P. MUSAR Foundation

U.P. Musical Arts and Research Management Foundation, Inc. (UP MUSAR FUND) is a non-profit, non-stock corporation, established to encourage, support, assist and finance projects and programs dedicated to the pursuit of specific purposes for which the Foundation is formed.