Jeepney Orchestra

Program Notes:

The IkoToki  Jeepney Orchestra is a take-off from the U.P. Diliman jeepneys’ clockwise route (ikot) and its inverse (toki). In particular, this refers to circumnavigation, a combination of all routes that defy simple linearity, directions, and the use of various hyper-realities or sub-realities, and displacements, among other sonic possibilities, which are reflected in the composition. This piece focuses on “action” (in as sense, audiating) – working on soundings from various directions in order to foreground sensitivities of micro and macro sound projections. Thus, the music is sounding urban culture through instruments from found objects/recycled  materials,  drones, and patterns drawn from the circumnavigation of jeepneys  and how these directions become part of the performers’ index to creative improvisation and interactions.

-Prof Muyco

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Jam Respicio


Artist statement

The design utilizes the concept of the prominent campus transport through a structure that functions both as a design in itself and a module to house the sound system. The work partly exaggerates certain elements of geometric forms distinct to the UP Jeepney. The design echoes aspects expressed by the composition.

Pat Works:

Sticker contributors:

Dansoy Works

Jeepnilamella by Cris Garcimo

Paihip by JP Hernandez

Tatot by JP Hernandez


Bakagong by JP Hernandez

Ikot-Toki Tultogan Romeo Cudiamat and Boy Rullog

Tubophones by Allan Hernandez

Sandata by Lirio Salvador

Embodo Horno by JP Hernandez

Bubongan by Boy Rullog

Tatsulok by Boy Rullog