Research Areas

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Our research investigates the environmental, economic, and social impacts of production and consumption systems from raw materials to end-of-life. This aims to provide insight and advice to industries, organisations, policy makers and other stakeholders to help them achieve their sustainability goals. We are interested in assisting various industrial, agricultural, commercial, and public sectors reduce their environmental burdens without compromising economic growth and social value.


Systems Modelling and Simulation

In order to identify sustainable solutions for production and consumption systems, our research is involved in systems design, analysis and evaluation. We employ bottom-up and top-down approaches to cover multiple scales of modeling, as well as short- and long-term scenarios or forecasts. Our work extends to the development of decision analysis frameworks and implementation of these tools to empower stakeholders in sustainability planning.

data analysis

Sustainability in Engineering Education and Policy

Innovation and sustainability in today's interconnected world requires understanding the interactions between society, technology and environment. To this end, our group advocates inter-disciplinary research in sustainable development, especially in the areas of energy transition/transformation, education, and circular economy. We are interested in collaborating with colleagues and organisations to promote life-cycle thinking across different sectors of society.

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