Funded Projects

  1. SABA (Sustainability of Banana Wastes Upcycling and Utilization Across the Food Value Chain), funded by UP OVPAA EIDR (2022-2024)

  2. Sustainability Assessment of Energy and Water Syner-Generation for Remote Communities, funded by Newton Agham PhD Program, British Council and CHED (2017-2020)

  3. Li-ion versus Lead Acid: Life Cycle Impact and Cost Analysis in the Philippine Context, funded by Sustainable Energy Program, UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (2016)

Supported/Affiliated Projects

  1. Drive Air ni Juan: Aluminosilicate Technology for Compact Air Purification, funded by DOST CRADLE (2021-2022)

  2. IESSLA: Integrated Energy Systems Site seLection Assessment for Accelerated Business and Project Development in Off-Grid Islands, funded by UKRI (2021-2022)

  3. ElectriPHI: Electrification Planning in Small Off-Grid Islands in the Philippines, funded by UP OVPAA (2020-2021)

Student Projects

  1. de Jesus, E. Evaluation of Agricultural Water Sustainability in San Mateo, Rizal through Water Accounting and Demand Inventory (2022)
  2. Bacay, E.P., de Villa, J.K. and Paeldon, J.P. A Sustainability Assessment of Renewable Desalination Technologies for Off-Grid Communities in the Philippines (2022)
  3. Castillo, M. and de Guzman, M.J.K. A Sustainability Assessment of Cavendish Banana Pseudostem Waste for Food Packaging and Liquid Fertilizer Production in the Philippines (2022)
  4. Belen, M.C. and Esteban, A.. Comparison of Environmental Impacts of Air Purification Technologies Using Life Cycle Analysis  (2021)
  5. Calderon,C.M., Eusebio, J.R. and Villar, K. Quantifying the Environmental Sustainability of the Desiccated Coconut Route for Virgin Coconut Oil Production in the Philippines (2021)
  6. Pampola, S. Ramos, E.J. and Zerna, K.D. Sustainability Assessment of Resource Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in Metro Manila (2021)
  7. Pasion, E. and Suaybaguio, D. Uncertainty and Variability in LCA and LCC of Solar PV and Wind Turbine Technologies in the Philippines (2021)
  8. Baguinon, R.H. and Salac, A. Sustainability of Renewable Desalination in Remote Communities in the Philippines  (2021)
  9. Talan, F.G. and Tirado, F.N. Sustainability Analysis of Road Transportation Fuel Scenarios in the Philippines (2021)
  10. Miranda, C.A. and Pecho, S.R. Assessing Sustainability of Rice Production in the Philippines Using Life Cycle Analysis (2021)