Tracing the provenance of Marinduque toponyms (co-authored with Emmanuel Jayson Bolata)

Presentation Date: 

Friday, October 28, 2022


Marinduque State College, Boac, Marinduque

Paper read at the 44th Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) Conference held at Marinduque State College, Boac, Marinduque.


This paper catalogs the place names (or toponyms) at the provincial, municipal, and barangay-level of the island province of Marinduque. Through a close reading of primary sources and dictionaries of various Philippine languages, hypotheses regarding the provenance of these toponyms are forwarded and organized based on ten (10) toponymic categories: physical descriptions, flora, fauna, persons, local or national events, geo-political categories, human attributes, objects, concepts, or activities. This inventory is based partially on the categories in Medina (1992) and Martynenko and Chesnokova (2019).

Keywords: Marinduque, toponyms, place naming, local history


Martynenko, Irina and Olga Chesnokova. 2019. “Spanish toponymy in the Philippines: structure and pragmatics.” Acta Onomastica 60 (2): 171-185.

Medina, Isagani R. 1992. “Some Problems Confronting Place Name Research in the Philippines.” The Journal of History 31 (1-2): 46-57.