My central professional interest is the description of Philippine languages. How are Philippine languages varied and alike in terms of their phonological and morphosyntactic structures? What notions and frameworks would help us better understand, analyze, and describe these? How have our languages been described by linguists and scholars in the past?

Languages I have worked on include:

  • Tagalog (ISO 639-3 tgl), particularly the dialect spoken in the town of Morong, Rizal Province,
  • Romblomanon (rol) spoken in Romblon and Sibuyan, Romblon Province,
  • Maguindanaon (mdh) spoken in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM),
  • Inagta Alabat (dul) spoken in the towns of Alabat and Lopez, Quezon Province, Region IV-A (CALABARZON), and
  • Maeng Itneg (itt) spoken in the municipalities of Luba, Tubo and Villavisciosa, Abra province, Cordillera Administrative Region.
  • Porohanon (prh) spoken in the Municipality of Poro, Camotes Islands, Province of Cebu, Region VII

Outside of linguistics, some of my other engagements include fiction writing, literary studies, translation, and music.