Faculty and Staff


Karen Connie Abalos-Orendain, PhD

Prof. Karen Connie Abalos-OrendainKaren Connie Abalos-Orendain, PhD, Associate Professor, Chair

Specialization and Research Interests: Political Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy, Cosmopolitanism and Universal Norms, Migration Issues

Jerwin F. Agpaoa, MA

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   Jerwin F. Agpaoa, MA, Assistant Professor

Romulo T. Bañares, Jr., MA

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   Romulo T. Bañares, Jr., MA, Assistant Professor

John Ian Boongaling, PhD

JIKBJohn Ian Boongaling, PhDAssociate Professor

Specialization and Research Interests: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, and Mathematical Logic

Email: jkboongaling@up.edu.ph


Symel Noelin S. de Guzman

Dept. Logo   Symel Noelin S. de Guzman, Instructor

Ingrid Mae H. De Jesus

Ingrid Mae De JesusIngrid Mae H. De Jesus, Instructor

Specialization and Research Interests: Classical Chinese Philosophy, Feminist Studies, and Philosophy in Media and Pop-Culture

E-mail: ihdejesus@up.edu.ph 


Enrique Benjamin R. Fernando III, MA

MrFernandoEnrique Benjamin R. Fernando III, MA, Assistant Professor

Specialization and Research Interests: Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, The History of Analytic Philosophy

Email: erfernando1@up.edu.ph

Gerald Pio M. Franco, MA

Dept. Logo   Gerald Pio M. Franco, MA, Assistant Professor

Earl Stanley B. Fronda, PhD

Dept. LogoEarl Stanley B. Fronda, PhD, Professor

Email: ebfronda@up.edu.ph

Lily Beth C. Lumagbas, PhD

Dept. LogoLily Beth C. LumagbasAssistant Professor

Arlyn P. Macapinlac, MA

Dept. LogoArlyn P. Macapinlac, MA, Assistant Professor

Renato B. Manaloto, MA

Dept. LogoRenato B. Manaloto, MA, Assistant Professor

Leander P. Marquez, MA, MA Ed

Dept. LogoLeander P. Marquez, MA, MA Ed, Assistant Professor

Lumberto Guce Mendoza, PhD

Dr. Mendoza

Lumberto Guce Mendoza, PhD, Associate Professor

Specialization and Research Interests: Philosophy of Language, Wittgenstein and Eastern Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy for Children, Logic and critical thinking as Gestalt, Science, Technology and Society, Research Ethics

Email: lgmendoza@up.edu.ph

He is currently an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Before getting his tenure in UP Diliman, he had an extensive experience in teaching various ethics and philosophy courses at UP Manila (2005-2008) and UP Los Banos (2002-2003). He took his PhD in Philosophy in Norway at the University of Bergen and his MA and BA Philosophy degrees at UP Diliman. Prior to his studies abroad, he was able to secure several grants for international paper presentations. Two of them came from the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED). His various engagements from 2011-2015 included being: a CHED Technical Reviewer on Philosophy, a trainer for Ayala Foundation’s Center of Excellence in Public Education, a resource person in a couple of UNESCO World Philosophy Day Celebrations, and a training consultant on various critical thinking skills program for public schools transitioning to the K-12 program. His PhD Research in the University of Bergen focused on an exegetical debate on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s later work Philosophical Investigations. That work involved conflicting interpretations on what it means to do philosophy as it uses language to overcome the limits of human thought. He discovered that this approach involves a return to a form of Socratic dialogue where the concern for logic becomes interconnected with ethics. Now that he has resumed his academic duties in UP Diliman, he is engaged in various projects and activities that relate to context sensitivity in ethics and logical reasoning. This includes membership in research ethics committees, writing a module on informed consent, teaching graduate seminars on philosophy of education and the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, researching on the ethics of mindfulness and vegetarianism, and investigating the nature of philosophical discussions in an online setting.


Ma. Liza Ruth A. Ocampo, PhD

Dept. LogoMa. Liza Ruth A. Ocampo, PhD, Associate Professor

Maria Theresa T. Payongayong, PhD

Dept. LogoMaria Theresa T. Payongayong, PhD, Professor

Miguel Elvir R. Quitain

Mr. Miguel Elvir R. QuitainInstructor  Mr. Jevi Quitain

Rearch Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Semiotics, Marxist Philosophy

E-mail: mrquitain@alum.up.edu.ph


Ciriaco M. Sayson, Jr., PhD

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   Ciriaco M. Sayson, Jr., PhD , Associate Professor


Rubicon R. Soberano, MA

Dept. LogoRubicon R. Soberano, MA, Assistant Professor

Peter A. Sy, MA

Dept. LogoPeter A. Sy, MA, Associate Professor

Isidro Manuel C. Valero, MA

Dept. LogoIsidro Manuel C. Valero, MA, Assistant Professor

Jeanette L. Yasol-Naval, PhD

Dept. LogoJeanette L. Yasol-Naval, PhD, Professor

Marielle Antoinette H. Zosa, MA

Dept. LogoMarielle Antoinette H. Zosa, MA, Assistant Professor

Specialization and Research Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, History of Philosophy, Logic, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology

Email: mhzosa1@up.edu.ph, mariellezosa@gmail.com


Luis S. David, SJ, PhD

Dept. LogoLuis S. David, SJ, PhD, Professorial Lecturer

Leonardo De Castro, PhD (Swansea)

Sir DecaLeonardo De Castro, PhD (Swansea), Professorial Lecturer

Specialization and Research Interests: Biomedical Ethics, Ethical Theory, Applied Ethics, Ethics Teaching, Research Ethics, Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics with Children, Migration Ethics

Email: decastro@kssp.upd.edu.ph

He previously served as Department Chair and Centennial Professor at the UP Department of Philosophy. He was Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Biomedical Ethics, National University of Singapore and Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Bioethics Review. He chairs the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board, the national body that sets policies and regulates research ethics committees in the country. He sits on the National Ethics Committee. He has served on the National Bioethics Advisory Committee and the National Transplant Ethics Committee. He has been President of the Asian Bioethics Association, Vice-Chair of the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee, Vice-Chair of the Forum for Ethics Review Committees in Asia and the Pacific, and a Bioethics Consultant to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union and the European Commission. His research interests include research ethics, responsible conduct of research, bioethics teaching, organ transplantation, healthcare worker migration and resource allocation.

Selected Publications:

Agerico M. De Villa, MA

Agerico M. De Villa, MAAgerico Montecillo De Villa, MASenior Lecturer

Specialization/Research Interests: Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Memetics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Sport

Email: adevilla@kssp.upd.edu.ph or agerico.devilla@bec.edu.ph

  • Has taught for 35 years at UP Diliman Philosophy Department. 
  • Has been a lecturer at the UP Diliman College of Science and College of Human Kinetics. 
  • Has been a lecturer at the Claret Seminary and the Philippine Women’s University. 
  • Has authored two books for Katha Publications and a book for UP Press. 
  • Has been a member of the DENR-EMB Environmental Impact Assessment Review Committee from 1991 to 2020.
  • Presently board of directors member of Tayabas Western Academy.
  • Presently president of Batangas Eastern Colleges.
  • Presently chairman of ICT start-up company Bridge360, Inc.

Francis Julius N. Evangelista, PhD

Dept. LogoFrancis Julius N. Evangelista, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Zosimo E. Lee, PhD

Dept. LogoZosimo E. Lee, PhD, Professorial Lecturer

Perseville Umali Mendoza, PhD

Perseville U. MendozaPerseville Umali Mendoza, Ph.D.Senior Lecturer

Specialization/Research interests: Filipino philosophy, Philosophy of Art, Ethics, Philosophy of Sport, Martial Arts philosophy, Critical Learning

Email: pumendoza@up.edu.ph

PERSEVILLE MENDOZA earned his PhD, Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of the Philippines where he taught philosophy since 2000. His PhD dissertation explored Filipino philosophy in the Filipino Martial Arts, stemming from his background in both philosophy and the martial arts. He later completed a Master of Professional Practice from Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, researching the relationship between critical learning and problem-solving. His last publication is a co-authored article that explored the concept of professional conversation as a method of experiential learning and reflective practice. As an academic for the past 20 years, he has taught philosophy from the undergraduate to the postgraduate levels. He was a lecturer and teaching assistant at the AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand, where he handled courses in applied ethics, culture and society.


Undergraduate Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Romulo Bañares, MA

Graduate Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Lily Beth Centeno-Lumagbas, PhD

GE Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Lumberto Mendoza, PhD

Quality Assurance Officer: Assoc. Prof. John Ian Boongaling, PhD


Pablo NavarroActing Administrative Officer

Veronica Barcelo, Staff Member