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For months, I was unable to access this website. I am unsure what happened in the back-end. Fortunately, UP DILC replied to my query and responded to my issues. I will be updating the site soon. Watch this space.

Is the performance of the President Distinguishable from the Administration?

I would like to share with you a study which I did "on the fly" while I was toying around with the data sets from the Social Weather Station (SWS). Since 1985, the SWS has been conducting research about an array of topics having to do with socio-economic concerns, democratic values, and elections, among others. Let me first disclose though that I am in no way connected with the said organization. As a researcher, I have been more of a "recipient" of the studies and data which they publicly release.

Open Contracting and Social Accountability Course Development

Last year, I participated in a writeshop sponsored by the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability-East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP) and The World Bank Institute (WBI). It was held during a november weekend in Antipolo City. As one of five discussants, my main task was to  develop a course for Political Science undergraduates that integrates the ideas of Social Accountability (SAc) and Open Contracting (OC) into the existing political science course syllabi.

A "Soft Launch" of my Pages.UPD Website

It really takes a while to learn how to make a website, and I am very glad that UP DILC finally improved Pages.UPD for faculty members like me. Since I returned to UP Diliman in 2010, I've started using several online applications for my classes. The current class management tool I've been using has been really helpful, especially for the internal administration and management of the courses I handle. But I never really had the chance to have a website which I personally managed and, more importantly, something that functions within the IT infrastructure of UP Diliman.