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The response of the bird community in the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus was evaluated before and after the university embarked on major infrastructure and landscape development in 2006-2008. Surveys using the Jokimäki walk were made monthly from 2004-2006 prior to development and from 2007-2010 after development in three 22-25 ha plots, i.e., 1) College of Science (CS), 2) Academic Oval (OV) and 3) Open Fields (OP), representing biophysical development gradient. Diversity indices before and after redevelopment were compared. Principal components analysis (PCA) and Ordinary least squares (OLS) regression were done to determine how the dominant species responded to change over time. The Eurasian Tree Sparrow Passer montanus and the Yellow vented bulbul Pycnonotus goiaiver experienced declines in all plots but most significantly in the CS plot which experienced the most infrastructure development. A MANOVA was used to determine if the declines in Passer and Pycnonotus populations had an effect on other species in the CS plot. MANOVA results suggest that the declines are significant with the increase in populations of the flycatcher Gerygone and the ground dove Geopelia suggesting ecological replacement of the once numerous species.
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This study analyzed the foraging behavior of the gastropod Nassarius pullus on garbage-impacted sandy shores of Talim Bay, Batangas, Philippines. The effect of different levels of plastic garbage cover on foraging efficiency was investigated. Controlled in situ baiting experiments were conducted to quantify aspects of foraging behavior as affected by the levels of plastic litter cover in the foraging area. The results of the study indicated that the gastropod’s efficiency in locating and in moving towards a food item generally decreased as the level of plastic cover increased. Prolonged food searching time and increased self-burial in sand were highly correlated with increased plastic cover. The accuracy of orientation towards the actual position of the bait decreased significantly when the amount of plastic cover increased to 50%. These results are consistent with the significant decreases in the abundance of the gastropod observed during periods of deposition of large amounts of plastic and other debris on the shore.
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