Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The BA Sociology program is designed to be completed in four years. It consists of general education courses in the freshmen and sophomore years and coursework in Sociology and related courses in the junior and senior years. Students are expected to complete 140 units of general education and Sociological courses to graduate from the program.

Incoming freshmen students should pass the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) to be admitted into the program. Students from other colleges in UP Diliman, other UP campuses, or other colleges and universities who are interested to shift or transfer to the program will be evaluated based on their academic performance in the general education and social science courses they took in the first two years of their university schooling.

Additional Information:

Information on Admission and Undergraduate Academic Rules and Guidelines (PDF)

Undergraduate Program Curriculum

Course Descriptions (scroll to start of Sociology)

Majors at the B.A. Sociology Program Orientation 2013. [Photo by Sociosphere-The Sociology Core Group]