[Ongoing] MS Thesis (Implementation):

Jerome Balanoyos (Topic: Development of a CAD-CAE Integrated Framework Utilizing BIM, Octree Partitioning, and SBFEM)


[Ongoing] MS Thesis (Proposal):

Aldrin Joseph Tadifa (Topic: Isogeometric Analysis for the Nonlinear Modeling of Steel Connection)


[Ongoing] Undergraduate Research Project (Implementation):

Christian Karl Gavieta (Topic: Analysis of Dynamic Response of an MRT Structure Due to Long Period Ground Motion)

Reignielle Valloyas (Topic: Developing a Structural Analysis Procedure to Aid Post-Earthquake Structural Surveys: Application to Selected Moment-Resisting Frame Structures in UP Diliman)


[Ongoing] Undergraduate Research Project (Proposal):

Andrew Brandon Ong (Topic: NURBS-based Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) of Non-prismatic Sections ) - co-advised with Engr. Karlo Colegio