PhD. Social Anthropology (Cantab 2001)

MA Anthropology (UP Diliman 1994)

Research interests:  Anthropology of fishing, ritual technology, Philippine communities and social change, digitized 'scandals'


Coastal and small-scale fishing communities had been an area of research for me since 1987-88.  San Fabian, Pangasinan, was then my field assignment, followed by fieldwork in Batanes (1991-2, 1995, 1997) and Samal Island, Davao Gulf (1996-97) for MA and PhD research. The ethnographic themes that I explored centered on traditional fishing culture and the community economy, and on impoverishment and sharing, as well as tradition and identity born out of the interaction and circulation of people ('indigenous' and migrants).   My publications and papers have been on indigenous coastal resource management, 'gear conflicts' and changing seascapes, notions of 'luck' and leadership.  I recently looked into the phenomenon of digitized 'scandals' and the culture of media piracy in the Philippines.  Current research undertakings include a book project ('Fishing for a Living') compiling recent ethnographic material on fishing communities.  Another current project is to outline the emergent contours of 'Philippine Anthropology/ies' vis-a-vis other Southeast Asian anthropologies.