The Provenance of Selected Sets of Wardrobe in the Costumes Collections of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and GMA Network, Inc.


Costumes play a significant role in theatrical and television practice as age, gender, socioeconomic status, occupation, and the setting and climate are shown through them. This paper will enumerate some of the productions in which the costumes are included in the collections of two organizations: the Cultural Center of the Philippines, a government arts agency for the performing arts, and GMA Network, Inc., a media conglomerate that is chiefly in the business of producing and airing television programs. Information on the production plot and setting, key players such as directors, actors, production designers, and costume designers, and general descriptions of costumes are presented in this narrative survey. This work serves as a preliminary attempt to trace the provenance of costume sets in the collection of CCP and GMA Network. It may also awaken the need to document costumes as part of institutional collections.