The Design, Development, and Implementation of a General Education Course in Library and Information Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman

Thesis Type:

Master's thesis


The study looked into how the University of the Philippines School of Library and Information Studies (UP SLIS), its faculty members, and the researcher executed their respective agencies in designing, developing, and implementing LIS 10 Information and Society as a general education (GE) course in UP Diliman. It utilized the structure-agency framework to examine the limitations set by structures the manner by which the agents exercised their agencies subject to such limits. The study is qualitative, with autoethnography as the primary method of inquiry. The researcher created a narrative to uncover knowledge and insight to answer the research questions. Related activities include analysis of documents, recollection of personal experiences, and documentation of perspectives and pertinent events. The study revealed that UP SLIS, in an exercise of its agency as an academic degree-granting unit, along with its various attributes and traits, took the opportunity to propose a GE course. The UP SLIS Faculty exercised its agency by unifying efforts to design a GE course on information issues. The faculty in charge of implementing the course was pivotal in successfully achieving the course outcomes and improving the overall image of the LIS 10 and UP SLIS. With the 2017 UP System GE Framework and the UP Diliman GE requirements as structures, all agents effectively exercised their agencies to ensure that the course satisfied the University policies and contributed to educating intellectually and morally able citizens that are responsible in their information engagements.