Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in Philippine libraries


Joseph M. Yap, Martin Julius V. Perez, and Elijah John F. Dar Juan. 2020. “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in Philippine libraries.” Library Philosophy and Practice , 5467. Publisher's Version


Libraries are sometimes the least priority of a public school, a state university, a local government unit or an enterprise. With the efforts of its administrators and help of the innovative librarians, these libraries could solicit book donations and other information products, collaterals, library equipment and furniture if they have the right contact person – the CSR managers from the generous donors. More often than not, these libraries try to squeeze in the meager funds they get from their institutions and try to work it out based from their day-to-day needs.

This paper presents 14 organizations / corporations that are active in responding to the needs of their beneficiaries. Each organization / corporation has outlined their CSR mission in changing the lives of their “customers” by giving back what they have earned.

This paper shares the CSR initiatives of Philippine corporations and non-government organizations in uplifting the reading habits and shaping the knowledge culture of the Philippines by involving and cultivating library programs and extension services to the greater public.

Last updated on 01/13/2022