de Castro LD, Sy PA.

Ethics in Migration and Global Health Delivery: Issues of Justice and Integrity

. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Law, Policy & Ethics. 2017;10(2):29-50.Abstract
This paper examines two sets of ethical issues relating to the health of human migrants and the delivery of healthcare across the globe. The first set pertains to the access of migrants to health care services in their adopted (or adopting) countries. The second set of issues arises in connection with the migration of healthcare professionals from low- and middle-income countries to high-income countries. In the final section the paper looks at these two sets of issues as interconnected concerns within a broader global justice framework of healthcare delivery. We show how the justice issues in the first set relate to the justice issues in the second set. In the end, we propose the adoption of that broader framework, making reference not only to issues of justice but also to the question of the integrity of medicine and the noble objectives of healthcare delivery.
de Castro L, Sy PA, Gan J.

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