2018.06.04 - Gremlins win UPC 2018

June 4, 2018

Two teams from the Green Materials Laboratory participated and won in the 2018 Undergraduate Project Competition (UPC), besting 4 other finalist entries in the Design Category. Team MOCJA- composed of Jaclyn Chua Yap, Camille Dizon and Montse Ticzon- garnered First Place for their project entitled TAPE-SCAR bioadhesive as a potential reinforcement to conventional anastomosis techniques, while Team GOTENKS- composed of Jessa de Guzman, Keesha dela Peña and Dots Ytac- got Third Place for their project entitled Synthesis and characterization of ionically cross-linked kappa-carrageenan/sodium alginate/carboxymethyl cellulose hydrogel for soil water retention and fertilizer release. The Second Place went to a finalist entry from the DMMME.

The UPC event started with a poster exhibit at the Melchor Hall 2F lobby last May 29, where the judges choose the 6 finalists for the Research Category and for the Design Category, respectively, that made their final presentation last June 1. The final presentations and the awarding of winners were held on the afternoon of June 1 at the EEEI Building.