2016.06.10 - Gremlins win UPC 2016

June 10, 2016

One team from the Green Materials Laboratory participated and won in the 2016 Undergraduate Project Competition (UPC), besting 7 other finalist entries. The team of gremlins- composed of Jamico Jamlang, Mica Marañon and Girro Rigor- garnered First Place for their project entitled "Developing a physically cross-linked hydroxyethyl cellulose hydrogel for wound dressing application".  The UPC event started with a pre-final presentation and selection deliberation last June 3, where the finalists were chosen to make their final presentation on June 9. There was also a poster exhibit at the Melchor Hall 2F lobby last June 8-9, where the best poster exhibits were to be selected by the judges as well as by the public viewers (People's Choice).

The announcement and awarding of winners were held on the afternoon of June 9 at the P&G Room, Melchor Hall immediately following the final oral presentations. Joining the winning gremlins is one finalist team from DME in Second Place and one team from DMMME in Third Place. The Best Poster Exhibit voted by the judges, Best Presentation and People's Choice awards were all given to another finalist entry from DME.