Current Students

AY 2019-2020


  • Ms. Charisse Joy H. Pescos

Hydrodynamic modeling of nanobubbles for biomedical applications

Co-advised with Prof. Agata A. Exener of the Department of Radiology, Case Western Reserve University under the DOST-ERDT PhD Sandwich Program.


  • Mr. Michael Sean P. Deang

Phase equilibria studies for the solvolytic recovery of polyethylene from waste plastic laminates

  • Mr. Paul Jake B. Nalzaro

Synthesis of novel bio-based hydrogels as water reservoir and nutrient carrier

  • Mr. Isaac Marvin S. Patubo

Hydroxypropyl cellulose-alginate hydrogels as separation agent in seawater desalination

  • Ms. Karynne Bernardine G. Siclot

Synthesis of novel cellulosic hydrogel foams


  • Ms. Chiena L. Palconite

Synthesis of cellulose-based hydrogel via microwave radiation technique for seawater desalination


  • Mr. Joshua Franz E. Andes
  • Ms. Angelica F. Jao
  • Mr. Jeoffrey H. Zacarias

Performance testing of NaCMC/HPC/NaAlg hydrogels for agricultural applications

  • Ms. Ana Ysabela A. Arroyo
  • Ms. Angel Lazarise U. Lacson
  • Ms. Thea Viktoria M. Ogalesco

Lab-scale design of the solvolytic recovery of polyethylene from waste plastic laminates

  • Ms. Denise Faye G. Lensoco
  • Mr. James Quin B. Maranan
  • Mr. Johndel B. Obra

Synthesis and characterization of NaCMC/HEC/activated carbon hydrogel for the desalination of seawater

Under Engr. Michael Sean P. Deang

  • Ms. Julie Anne R. Bacayo
  • Mr. Esteven G. Evio
  • Mr. David Manfred S. Pelayo

Dissolution kinetic of LDPE in d-limonene/xylene solution for the chemical recycling of waste plastic laminates

Under Engr. Paul Jake B. Nalzaro

  • Ms. Ivy Camille B. Radaza
  • Mr. John Francis G. Rizada
  • Ms. Mary Joyce G. Tan

Mathematical modeling of swelling and nutrient release kinetics of hydrogel for agricultural applications