Class of 2019

AY 2018-2019


  • Ms. Chielo Marie N. Ayapana

Developing a gum arabic-citric acid bioadhesive for liquid bandage application

  • Mr. Regino C. Gorre Jr.

Solvent and non-solvent selection for the chemical recycling of waste polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) metallized film Packaging materials


  • Mr. Ricardo C. Alindayu II
  • Mr. Karl Vincent H. Escasa
  • Ms. Gabrielle Mae G. RiƱa

Degradation kinetics and solvent selection for chemical recycling of spent thermoplastic laminates

  • Ms. Roela Feliz M. Bautista
  • Ms. Marin Rosette H. Tam
  • Mr. Kevin Adrian D. Wong

Tannic acid-polyethylene glycol-based liquid bandage for burn wounds

  • Mr. Renz Gabriel L. Garduque
  • Mr. Brandon Joshua A. Gococo
  • Ms. Caitlyn Ashley S. Yu

Synthesis and characterization of sodium carboxylmethyl cellulose/hydroxypropyl cellulose/sodium alginate hydrogel for agricultural Water storage and controlled nutrient release

(Co-advised with Mr. Paul Jake B. Nalzaro)

  • Mr. Kenneth Carmelo J. Madamba
  • Ms. Isabella Gabrielle J. Nunag
  • Mr. Vinz Gabriel T. Villanueva

Synthesis and characterization of hydrogel nanocomposites as a novel method for the desalination of seawater