Class of 2017


  • Mr. Dax Elbert A. Bigornia

Development, characterization, and diffusion modelling of physically cross-linked hydrogel wound dressings from cellulosic blends and sodium hydroxide/thiourea aqueous solution

  • Ms. Charisse Joy H. Pescos

Synthesis and characterization of alginate-cellulose derivative blend as drug delivery system


  • Ms. Angelica Aira A. Ayalin
  • Mr. Bernell Merwyn S. Go
  • Ms. Gail Edselle S. Reyes

Production of TAPE-gelatin as potential bioadhesive: characterization and drying kinetics

  • Mr. Miguel Lawrence Keith S.J. Celebre
  • Mr. Darren James F. Judi
  • Ms. Samantha Louise P. Tamayo

Development and characterization of tannic acid-polyethylene glycol (TAPE) liquid bandage for medium-exudate external wounds

  • Mr. Julius NiƱo P. Doctor
  • Mr. Justin Richmond C. Domingo
  • Mr. Ludhovik Luiz B. Madrid

Characterization and modelling of the degradation of hydroxypropyl cellulose-blended sodium alginate microcapsules

  • Mr. John Michael V. Mendoza
  • Mr. Isaac Marvin S. Patubo
  • Mr. Daniel Francis A. Sy

Modelling the diffusion of citronella oil in calcium alginate microcapsules for the development in mosquito-repellent fabric