Class of 2016


  • Mr. Diamaden T. Salinding

Thermal, mechanical and moisture absorption properties of lignocellulosic waste (soda lignin)/unsaturated polyester blends

  • Mr. Jar Carlo G. Ramirez

Analysis and optimization of water-based printing ink formulations for polyethylene films

  • Ms. Maria Teresa M. Mina

Development of natural fiber-reinforced plastic composite using Pandanus simplex (karagumoy) fiber


  • Ms. Lara Angelica R. Casalme
  • Mr. Paul Jake B. Nalzaro
  • Mr. Raymund Joseph N. Osabel

Microencapsulation of alpha-tocopherol using hydroxypropyl cellulose-blended sodium alginate by extrusion

  • Mr. Jamico Y. Jamlang
  • Ms. Mica Therese T. MaraƱon
  • Mr. Girro Jonn O. Rigor

Developing a physically cross-linked hydroxyethyl cellulose hydrogel for wound dressing application