Class of 2015


  • Ms. Jeddah Marie G. Vasquez

Synthesis of a self-assembling hydrogel from water-soluble cellulose derivatives and sodium hydroxide/thiourea solution


  • Ms. Ma. France C. Columbino
  • Mr. Alvin Raymund L. Luna
  • Mr. Jethro Daniel A. Pascasio

Effect of coupling agent for surface treatment of CFB Fly Ash on the properties of CFB fly ash reinforced thermoset composite

  • Mr. Renz Marion C. dela Cruz
  • Ms. Joanna Crystelle R. Ragasa
  • Mr. Johannes Kristoff R. Vito

Orthophthalic polyester composite reinforced with anahaw (Saribus rotundifolius) fibers treated with sodium alginate

  • Mr. Danilo S. Enguero Jr.
  • Ms. Tracy Joy S. Laus
  • Mr. Benedict A. Requejo

Mechanical properties of green composites from corn husk

Under Asst. Prof. Ralph P. Villa

  • Mr. Julian S. de Lara
  • Mr. Herbie T. Bella
  • Mr. Romelando R. Juanatas

Water diffusion modeling in CFB fly ash composites