Class of 2014

Under the Polymers and Catalysts (PolyCat) Laboratory


  • Ms. Sakura E. Onishi

Effect of particle loading, temperature and surface treatment on moisture absorption of CFB fly ash reinforced thermoset composite

  • Ms. Joy Erika P. Reyes

Effect of surface treatment and particle loading on the mechanical properties of CFB fly ash reinforced thermoset composite

  • Mr. Noel S. Sabarillo

Characterization of latent heat storage system of MEPCM-incorporated paint

  • Mr. Ralph P. Villa

Developing a predictive model for determining the mechanical properties of CFB fly ash thermoset composite


  • Ms. Julia Patricia Mari L. Alonzo
  • Ms. Kim M. Guerrero
  • Ms. Diane Christabel B. Pua

Characterization of Saccharum spontaneum in natural fiber reinforced polymer (NFRP) using xylanase as coupling agent

  • Ms. Roselle Andrea C. Apayla
  • Ms. Anna Marie B. Dolor

A study on the degradation behavior of circulating fluidized bed fly ash reinforced unsaturated polyester composites under acidic environment

  • Mr. Jonathan L. Bantigue
  • Ms. Kimberly Rose P. Fernandez
  • Ms. Ma. Patricia Dolores D. Malicse

Mechanical strength of unsaturated polyerster resin filled with CFB fly ash and ligninocellulosic waste

  • Mr. Jules Hedwig S. Dayrit
  • Mr. Ralph Patrick G. Erice

Mathematical modeling and simulation of microencapsulated n-octadecane in urea-melamine-formaldehyde shell for latent heat storage