May 2019

UPC 2019

So... two of my groups joined this year's UPC 2019, and one of them made it YEY!

Now things are gonna get more interesting...

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Mapping academic quality?

I'm currently in the ICE Building attending a "pre-workshop" on the COE Academic Quality Roadmap and IAADS Engg Edition. Basically, we unit heads and officials of the College of Engineering are tasked on identifying targets and action items needed in preparation for external assessment and accreditation.

*sigh* so many things to be done...

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Oh no...

The election results are slowing being churned out by polling precincts. Suffice to say, I expect more FB and Twitter posts on "How to Immigrate to Canada" in the next few days -_-

I'm back!!!

It's been 5 years since I last really updated my pages, but I now that my time as an administrator is almost up I can finally focus on working on my contents. After all, this is my virtual representation to UP Diliman.

Slowly, but surely, I'm going to upload stuff here to mirror the contents of the Green Materials Laboratory in the DChE website, as well as add some other items related to my bio and my teaching.


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