Nassef Manabilang Adiong, PhD (official website, click here) is Associate Professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman. In the same university, he is the project leader of the CIDS Decolonial Studies Program and affiliate faculty at the Center for International Studies. In 2018, he co-convened the CIDS Islamic Studies Program. Nassef works on theoretical research between Islam and International Relations, Muslim governance in the Philippines, and political interaction of Muslim societies with Western modernity.

He founded Co-IRIS (International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort), PHISO (Philippine International Studies Organization), DSRN (Decolonial Studies Research Network), and initiated the creation of DSP (Decolonial Studies Program) at the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies. Aside from these initiatives, he embarked on creating the following publication platforms of which he is co-editing:
– International Journal of Islam in Asia (Brill Publishers)
– Islam and Global Studies series (Palgrave Macmillan)
– International Relations in Southeast Asia series (Routledge)
– Islam in Southeast Asia series (Palgrave Macmillan)
– Islam and International Relations series (Gerlach Press)
– Islam in the Philippines series (DLSU Publishing House)

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