Recovering Filipino Production of a Maritime Anthropology


Mangahas MF, Rodriguez-Roldan S. Recovering Filipino Production of a Maritime Anthropology. In: Thompson EC Theory and Practice in Southeast Asian Anthropologies. ; Submitted.


This paper starts as an inquiry into the relative paucity of published ethnographic work on fishing communities in the Philippines written for and by Filipinos. For an archipelagic nation, the local literature on coastal communities and fishing ethnographies should perhaps be expected to be more expansive. This project began from an awareness that there are quite a number of good ethnographies languishing on library shelves in the form of unpublished theses and dissertations. Many can also be found among research reports produced in the course of long­term projects for 'Coastal Resource Management' (CRM) conducted in various parts of the Philippines. This 'gray literature' from the unpublished anthropological margins on a generally marginalized sector—fisherfolk and their communities—spans an entire century. These works have survived, albeit in obscurity, and are waiting to carve a mark in the published anthropological literature. Surfacing existing material from various parts of the country yields deep insights on local ‘maritime anthropology’, which augments knowledge found in more available literature. Alongside highlighting some of the knowledge retrieved, this paper narrates how local scholarship has been crafted and practiced through time.