LIS 10


First Term





General Education (GE) course

  • Math, Science, and Technology (MST) Domain in the RGEP (2002) and the Hybrid RGEP (2012) Frameworks
  • Program-Prescribed or Elective GE in the 2017 Revised GE Framework


Course Description

Appreciation of the role of information in human endeavors in the context of its creation, management, dissemination, and use in an increasingly information-driven society.


Course Topics

(as of First Semester, 2021-2022)

A. Fundamentals: Basic Information Concepts

Module A1.    The Nature of Information
Module A2.     Information Process Frameworks

B. MAKE iT!: Information Creation and Resources

Module B1.     Information Creation and Its Democratization
Module B2.     Information as Property

C. KEEP iT!: Information Storage and Preservation

Module C1.     Documents, Records, and Archives
Module C2.     Data Privacy and You

D. SHARE iT!: Information Dissemination

Module D1.     Key Players in Dissemination: Media Industries and Institutions
Module D2.     The Viral Phenomenon

E. GET iT!: Information Retrieval and Access 

Module E1.     Information Retrieval and Access for All
Module E2.     Free Culture, Open Movements, and Freedom of Information

F. USE iT!: Information Use and Analysis

Module F1.     Information Use and the Information Society
Module F2.     Information Disorder and Our Response



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