Courses handled / Subjects taught (1988-2022)



College of Arts and Letters (CAL)


CW 400 Doctoral Dissertation

CW 340 Creative Nonfiction I

CW 341 Creative Nonfiction II

CW 302 Seminar in Poetics (Characteristic Techniques, Conventions, and Strategies on the Art and Craft of Writing)

CW 300 Master's Thesis

CW 298 Special Topics (Creative Writing and Popular Culture)

CW 240 Creative Nonfiction I

CW 241 Creative Nonfiction II

CL 400 Doctoral Dissertation

CL 350 Seminar: Philippine Literatures In English

CL 300 Master's Thesis

CL 250 Philippine Literatures in English I

CL 298 Directed Readings: Literatures from the Diaspora (Japan, Australia, United States)

Theatre 291 Seminar in Selected Areas of Theatre: Performance as Spectacle, Spectacle                        as Performance



CL 200 Undergraduate Thesis

CL 151 The Literature of the Philippines in English II

CL 150 The Literature of the Philippines in English I

CL 145 The Literature of Japan

CL 121 Critical Approaches to Literature I

CL 100 Introduction to Comparative Literature

CL 50 Survey of Philippine Literature in English

CW 200 Undergraduate Thesis

CW 198 Special Problems (Creative Writing and Popular Culture)

CW 140 Creative Nonfiction I

CW 141 Creative Nonfiction II

CW 120 Poetry I

CW 121 Poetry II

CW 100 Introduction to Creative Writing

CW 198 Creative Writing and Popular Culture

CW 10   Creative Writing for Beginners

Comm I Communication Skills I

Comm II Communication Skills II (Types of Academic Discourse)

English 10 College English

English 13 Writing as Thinking

Hum 1 (English) Literature, Society & the Individual

Hum 1 (Filipino) Tao, Panitikan at Lipunan


Center for International Studies (CIS)


Japan Studies 101 Japanese Culture And Society I

Japan Studies 100 An Overview Of Contemporary Japanese Culture And Society

SEA 30 Asian Emporiums: Networks of Culture & Trade in Southeast Asia


College of Science (CS)


STS Science, Technology and Society


Asian Center / Tri-College Philippine Studies Program



PS 400                  Doctoral Dissertation

PS 201                  The Philippines in Asia and the Pacific

PS 201                  Introduction to Phiippines Studies

PS 215                  Philippine Languages and Cultures

AS 255.2               Politics and Governance in Southeast Asia

AS 255.3               Culture and Society in Southeast Asia



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