Courses Handled

Ch.E. 101 Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Introduction, history and development of chemical engineering. Problem-solving techniques. Mass and energy balances in unit operations and unit processes. Combustion and pyrolysis. Chemical manufacturing processes. Principles of phase equilibrium as applied to unit operations.

Ch.E. 122 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I

Application of the first and second laws of thermodynamics to closed and open systems, flow and non-flow systems. Thermodynamic properties of fluids. Power cycles, refrigeration and liquefaction processes.

Ch.E. 131 Transport Processes

Fundamentals of heat, mass, & momentum transport.  Differential balances; equations of change.  Molecular and turbulent transport systems.  Applications to interphase transfer.

Ch.E. 132 Stagewise Processes

Unified treatment of stagewise operations. Numerical & graphical solution techniques. Design of multistage equipment.