Eksenang MH 205

Seeing that this is hands-down the most popular FB post that I've made so far, I think it's just befitting that I re-post it here in my blog:

Mid-Year 2014

This week (May 26-30) is the submission of classes to be offered this June and July. Hopefully, there won't be a lot of course offerings this coming mid-year term, so there will be fewer students to attend to during the June 2-3 registration period.

First Entry


So this is my very first blog entry ever- and it'll probably be the last, depending on how much I'll enjoy blogging.

I'll probably just use this as another posting site for announcements and other stuff related to my classes as assistant professor of chemical engineering and/or my work as College Sec. 

Anyway, we'll see. Cheers everyone! ^_^